Services and Solutions

Com Computer strives to be your company’s main solution provider. In order to fulfill such a bold initiative, we make sure to keep up with the latest technologies that our customers are using and train our consultants for technologies that customers will be using. More importantly, our service motto is “Trust, Integrity and Customer Satisfaction”. Our consultants are not asked to think of the next sale. Instead, they are focused on making the customer successful. This insures that our consultants always have the customer as their number one priority. Our strategy has been working ever since we started and has allowed us to grow our business strictly through customer referrals.

The services that we offer are quite diverse but mainly fall into the following categories:

Hardware and Software Technical Support

We offer full on-site technical support and are fully qualified to resolve any hardware or software problems that your business may encounter. Since we’re also able to procure hardware, any hardware that can’t be fixed can be quickly replaced. Many of our specialists have computer experience ranging back to the beginning of business computing with the IBM XT. So you can be rest assured that we’ll be able to handle your legacy systems and applications.

Network Installation and Maintenance

We have extensive experience in both Novell networks and Microsoft NT networks. Allow us to install, configure and design a secure network infrastructure for your business. Security is becoming a serious issue for many companies as more and more computers are online and have access to the Internet. Allow us to analyze your network and recommend the changes required to protect your business. Moreover, network efficiency is another important factor that requires proper network design. Let us examine your configuration and eliminate any bottlenecks that prevent your business from maximally utilizing your network infrastructure investments. In addition to networking software, we also handle networking hardware such as cabling, hubs, switches, routers, and firewalls.

Custom Solutions

For many of our customers, their business is unique and their problems diverse. Our customers count on us to be flexible and resourceful in the solutions we offer. Let our consultants understand your business problem and deliver a customized solution. Some of our work include website design and web application development, requirements analysis, database development and custom application development.

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